Crazy Era of Covid

Crazy Era of Covid
After a long spell, I have finally started Baking and Blogging again! The above featured photo is my first try of a baked chocolate pie. Notice the cracks and sunken center, a fail thanks to a new oven that's a little too hot. The baked versions of chocolate Pies can be quite tricky if the oven is too hot or if it is overbaked even in the slightest. Anyway, the above picture is of no relevance to what my rambling is about today though. It's just a sharing of a few of my photos :)

Almost 2 years into this new norm …the crazy era of Covid! We were beginning to think that life would improve after the roll out of vaccinations, but then Covid had different plans for us. It did a big number on us humans and started mutating into many more strains. 

Now booster shots are essential especially so for those of us living in a ‘4-Season Country’. It’s getting colder and soon it will be winter. It is during this time when the flu and Covid cases will rise drastically. The news informs us of Covid numbers already escalating during the past couple of months.

Crazy Era of Covid. The River Kennet just next to our home.
The River Kennet next to our home. (July 2021)
We contracted Covid last year

My husband and I still wear masks when we go out. We cannot afford to get ill with Covid again, especially not at our age. I feel like an alien when I am in the supermarkets or in town these days. People stare at us like we’re indeed aliens just because we still wear masks. What is up with this??

Going through Covid once is enough for a lifetime. It was a life changing experience. I will never wish it on anyone and I worry every single day for family and friends. We contracted Covid last year and managed to overcome it. I am truly grateful to be alive and I must whole perspective of life changed in March 2020. While many people are complaining and protesting and getting depressed being indoors and in lockdowns, I have come to terms with it and accepted it as the new norm. It is what it is! Just learn to live with it and have empathy and the decency to be vigilant and not endanger others.

Positive thinking and an optimistic attitude

Positive thinking, or an optimistic attitude, is the practice of focusing on the good in any given situation. It can have a big impact on your physical and mental health. That doesn’t mean you ignore reality or make light of problems. It simply means you approach the good and the bad in life with the expectation that things will go well.

The benefits of Positive thinking are great and it is my wish and prayer that each and every one of us be able to find the inner strength to think and act Positive. On this note, please be Safe and practice good habits and have the empathy and common sense to not endanger yourself or anyone else. 

For the love of Nature

I love the outdoors and we are somewhat globe trotters, my husband and I, and especially him more so. It’s a blessing that we are both quite adaptable though, having learned to keep busy and occupy ourselves mentally and physically in activities not involving or being around other people and crowds. In fact, I am quite surprised to find myself feeling that 24 hours in a day is simply not enough these days! 

For the Love of Nature. (Oct 2021)
Feeling Motivated

My husband and I are quite content with the world being at our fingertips! It comes easy for him being in the IT sector. As for myself, I am feeling inspired and motivated to start my blog again …about time too! My energy levels have also improved to pursue new hobbies and learn new things. 

Covid took a huge toll on my body and health. It took 20 months for my body to get back to almost what it was before Covid. I guess this is what you call ‘Long Covid‘. Only now I feel an improvement with my energy levels. Apart from experiencing a few medical issues that come with aging, it’s been somewhat exciting and fulfilling for me with the new found activities, our usual weekend coffee dates and walks in the woods away from crowds. 

Thank You Mum

I have been guilty of being a pessimist for the most of my life but this crazy era of Covid has taught me to always look at my glass half full instead of half empty. There is always something to be grateful for in Life. I have a lot to thank my parents for this, especially Mum …she is such a great example of positivity and inner strength…THANK YOU mum…You are such an inspiration!! I love You!! 

My Autumn Flowers dedicated to Mum (Sept 2020)

Though I have a feeling this Crazy Era of Covid is going to stay for a while yet, I Hope and Pray that it ends soon. Hope is like water…it quenches the soul to keep on going.

My latest project :

Learning how to use WordPress which is a whole new content management system, and it has a new recipe software as well that I am having fun exploring. Revamping and updating all my ancient old posts so this will have my time cut out for me. Slowly but surely, I wll build up my Recipe Category Page.

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