Life is Just like the Sea

life is like the sea

Just sharing a collection of beautiful little poems and quotes about Life and the Sea. The beautiful featured picture is an art piece by Tolkienmaster.

Life is just like the sea;
Moving without an end.
Nothing stays with us forever…..
What remains is just the memories of
some people who touched us as waves.
Life is just like the sea;
It can be Calm and Still.
or rough and rigid…..
But in the end…
It is always Beautiful.
Life is like the sea…
you cannot see the end…
but you have to face the waves.
Treat your life like the sea..
Your heart as the shore and your friends as the waves
It doesn’t matter how many waves there are
What matters is, which one touches the shore.

Be like the sea. Powerful enough to impact everyone around you and gentle enough so others find comfort in you.

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