About Sweet Sharings

Hi, I’m Nur Diyanah Magness, Author of Sweet Sharings.

 I am a Malaysian living in the United Kingdom. Just an ordinary Modern Gran seeking out the extraordinary in Life while trying to maintain a balance in a fast-paced world. A Wife, Mother and Grandmother that is never bored with Life. Always working on a project and wishing there were more hours to a day.


From being a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and Instructor, I joined the Food industry where I studied and trained to eventually manage a chain of food outlets. The experience and varied duties opened doors of opportunities for me and my last employ was Front Office Manager at a hotel in Malaysia. My career in the Hotel and Food Industry was short lived though. I do miss it at times but becoming a stay at home mum and devoting my time to family was a choice I never regretted. At this point in Life, I took up Baking and Cake Design courses and had a small business running from home. When the kids were all grown up and in University, I joined the International Centre of Cake Artistry (ICCA) where I trained further. From there on I became a Wilton Cake Decorating Instructress too. Yes, I do love learning new things! Now I am just a Gran of Leisure enjoying Life with whatever rocks my boat. 


In a nutshell, I am an avid traveller, love Nature and new Gadgets and I enjoy cooking and baking immensely. Baking and decorating cakes though has been on pause the past 2 years due to a shift in priorities and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Nature and Site Seeing are now tops on my list, with walks in the parks and woods. I do get very excited with the latest home appliances and electronic devices. My interest in gadgets brought on a new found passion of iPhone Photography and Food Styling. I am sure by now you probably already know that I am taking up courses in these 2 new interests. Life is an adventure and learning is neverending!


‘Sweet Sharings’ is a mix of recipes, tips, quotes, photos of my travels and personal experiences in Life. My blog is just a glimpse of the colours of my Life, little sweet sharings in visual and written form. I became the author of Sweet Sharings 15 years ago only as a form of therapy. This was recommended by my psychologist when I was going through a rough patch in life. I must admit, it really helped me a great deal. Having not being consistent though is a big regret. I stopped blogging after the first few years simply because Life took over. A new life and new adventures took up a lot of my time. Nevertheless, it was no excuse to stop blogging. Blogging gives me joy with a sense of sharing and achievement.


Recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (Dec 2021) and on a mission to get it into remission. FIrst challenge of losing 10kg in 2.5 months achieved and now onto the next challenge to achieve my ideal weight. Blood Glucose levels maintained at normal (hoping it stays that way always). I shall blog my journey of weight loss and tips on achieving normal BG levels soon. I am not on any medication as I have to prove to my doctor that I can manage and beat this on my own.


I’m grateful for so many things, and I don’t express my gratitude nearly as often as I should. Grateful for my family and friends, for being blessed with 3 beautiful daughters and 2 grandkids, a wonderful husband and very supportive parents. I come from a huge melting pot of relatives, many of whom I have not even had the pleasure of meeting. The reason for this is that we are all scattered throughout the Globe. Though very much a home bud now, I still connect with family and friends on a regular basis. Thank goodness for modern technology of the internet, smart phones, apps and what not.


Please do bear with me as I upgrade Sweet Sharings. Slowly but surely, I will upload my recipes and posts that are undergoing upgrading. Keep a lookout for new updates on my Blog for new Recipes, Life and food tips, photographs of my travel adventures and food explorations.

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