Enjoy the Little things in Life

enjoy the little things in life

Life is the greatest gift we could ever have and we just have to change our frame of mind to appreciate it and be grateful for it. We are blessed to be alive, so enjoy the little things in Life. However, being alive is something we all take for granted all the time and I am guilty of this too! No one really thinks much about it. I often find myself caught up thinking of the future and the past, of the times I was happy and sad, disappointed, hurt. I forget to think and indulge in the present.

I have learned that the trick to being happy is to enjoy each day as it comes. Don’t wish away your days waiting for better ones. Sometimes we do not realise how big the little things in life really are. I would like to think that being more than half a century old gives me this wisdom ?
enjoy the little things in life
I feel exhilarated seeing sunshine enter the room as I open the blinds. Just this little thing is a great start to a lovely day. This puts a smile on me through the day and people tend to reciprocate. The act of smiling at others really makes theirs and my day! That is to say, I receive positive vibes from the Universe.

Catching up with old Friends

Sweet Sharings
Sweet Sharings – enjoy the little things in Life

Connecting with old friends brings me such sweet memories. Do you feel nostalgia and a warm feeling like I do? Taking time out for a coffee or meal with family and friends is always good for my wellbeing and mental health. Moreover, it improves and tightens my relationship bonds. I have learned this through the years and know it to be true.

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be quite interesting and fun too if you do not let the rat-race of life distract you from enjoying these simple yet meaningful acts. Similarly, listening to little kids talk, praying together, helping an elderly person, doing activities as a family, showing concern for someone who is hurt or ill, all these and more, are the little things in Life.

Do little things together…

The simple act of giving a hug to my loved ones and friends or holding my partner’s hand brings joy and happiness. Listening to the radio or watching a movie together gives enjoyment and a sense of sharing. Taking a walk in the park alone or with others is also a simple thing in life yet so fulfilling, giving one a sense of peace and calm. Planting seeds and seeing them sprout is also so rewarding. Did you know that gardening is great for our health and wellbeing too?

Doctors in Scotland now prescribe a walk in nature to treat a variety of ailments, including reducing blood pressure and anxiety, and to improve overall happiness. One Harvard University study showed that people who were surrounded by lush greenery lived longer, with a lower chance of developing cancer or respiratory illnesses.”

Reference from BBC
Australian researchers following men and women in their 60s found that those who regularly gardened had a 36% lower risk of dementia than their non-gardening counterparts.

Take Time out…

We just have to take time out to enjoy the little things in life like the wonderful smell of pancakes or roti canai and nasi lemak in the morning. Likewise, Having coffee or teh tarik with old friends. Enjoying the smell and beauty of flowers around us, or taking the time to actually browse a bookstore, all these little things can be fun and make us feel good.

The little things in that connects us to the bigger things….it’s these little things and moments that give us the quality in life. For those who have not already, start living now. Live in the present and enjoy the simple and little things in life. Otherwise, one day you will look back and realise they were the big things.

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