• Coconut Water Jelly

    Coconut Water Jelly – Easy, Vegan and 5 Ingredients!


    This Layered Coconut Water Jelly is a refreshing Malaysian vegan Dessert. Coconut Water Jelly is one of my favourite desserts. I make this 5 ingredient aromatic dessert because it’s so refreshing and has many health benefits. A Vegan Jelly made with vegan gelatine (agar-agar). My go to refreshing delight which cools me down during hot Summer days. In fact, I enjoy it even during Winter! Coconut Water Jelly Ingredients Coconut Water, Coconut Cream or Rich Coconut Milk, agar-agar powder, sugar and the Pandan Leaves (aromatic screw pine leaves). You can get these from your supermarket and If any are unavailable,…

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